The Dungeons & Dragons campaign by Matty K. The campaign has been spontaneously created by Matty, using his version 3 rulebooks. (When he can afford version 4, he will certainly update!) This page journals the adventures of his players as they battle their way through the twisted mind of Matty.
ATTENTION this page, and the campaign it follows, has been long abandoned. Other abandoned Dungeons & Dragons goodness may be found here.
Dungeons & Dragons

Anne campaigne by St. Matty. Returne to the Maine Page.

The Chæracterſ

Róle Playa
Kib thɘ Fiɘrs Human Fighter Trevor
Brımſτ☼ŋe Suŋſlıŋger (R.I.P) Half-elf Cleric of Pelor Robert
Ģarrσt “The Weaſel” Peter (left) Human Sorcerer Greg
Gable “Thorn” Thorngage Halfling Rogue Daniel
Valanthe Donnodel (left) Elf Wizard Shannon
Brândstör Hølderhëk Dwarf Monk Robert
Dire Weasel Weasel (Dire) NOT Greg

Thee Storie Thuſ Far

Episode 1
Epsiode 2
Epsiode 3

End of Session 1
Episode 4
Episode 5

End of Session 2
Episode 5½

End of Session 3
Chapter 2, Episode 1
Episode 2

End of Session 4
Episode 3 — The Slaughter

End of Session 5
Episode 4

End of Session 6

End of Session 7

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